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Not large enough to hire full-time HR staff? Need HR support for a start up? Did you lose a valuable HR associate or leader? We offer unparalleled skills and resources in helping our clients to outsource important HR functions. Our recruiting efforts include the ability to identify candidates for all levels of your organization from front line to the executive office. 

We have clients that have challenges and at times may get a bit overloaded. Some companies come to the realization that their current team may not have the level of expertise needed in a certain facet of the business. Some start-ups don’t have enough people for an HR department and need assistance with some of the HR initiatives and functions. An organization may have someone going on maternity leave. There are even instances where businesses are seeking a complete revamp of the entire HR department. When any of those situations arise, we find that a retainer relationship makes more sense. We can place someone inside the company and help manage the process needed from within. 

When we have successfully placed your organization on the right track, then we can pull ourselves out and allow you to function independently and manage that yourself. We’re here to help you strengthen your HR department and offer support while inside your HR department. We are here when you need that longer term relationship than just a quick project.


Here are areas in which we can assist:

  • Strategic perspective and advice
  • Compliance with local, state and federal laws
  • Investigations
  • Processes for new employee on-boarding and employee terminations
  • Special Projects
  • HR Audits
  • Process management of recruitment
  • Sourcing
  • Pre-Screening
  • Interviewing
  • Selection Assessments
  • Compensation Planning
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