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Adapt or Die: How Change Really Happens

Companies, teams, and cultures are ever-shifting. Change is a vital aspect of company survival and success. Adapt or die. Despite its necessity and prevalence, change consistently proves to be a difficult beast to grapple with. Still, anything worth pursuing is...

Digital Overload, The Deficiency in Our Efficiency

Ding Buzz Buzz Ding Beep Ding Buzz Beep It seems like every five seconds, our phones send endless barrages of notifications our way. It’s a familiar feeling, wading through the mire of our home-screens or inboxes for important information. The world is speeding up at...

Are We Allowed to Talk About That?

Originally published in HR Professionals Magazine When I was an HR newbie, I was standing in line at the credit union waiting to deposit my paycheck. (Yep, it was a long time ago!) I became incensed when I overheard two fellow employees discussing their recent raises....

Addressing Systemic Racism in the Workplace

Originally Published in HR Professionals Magazine WARNING! (And you should heed it) By Brad Federman 2020 thus far has been a unique year consisting of a pandemic, a financial crisis, and racial injustice protests and riots. Businesses are being asked to juggle more...

Ten Powerful Pillars of Decision Making

By Brad Federman Originally Published in HR Professionals Magazine In the business world, we need to be able to make choices with confidence and ease rather than wasting time due to indecision. It is imperative that we learn how to, not only make a choice, but how to...

Reopening Means Reinvesting in Leadership

Originally Published in HR Professionals Magazine By Brad Federman It is time to reopen the workplace. Let’s celebrate! Not so fast, first there is plenty of work to be completed. Policies need to be reviewed, processes revamped, assessments completed. You will...


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