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We have had the opportunity to collaborate with an awesome family of clients, and our family is still growing! We have celebrated so many successes with our clients and those relationships remain important to us today. Don’t just take our word for it. Let us share a few examples with you of our impact with our clients.

Case Studies

Engagement & Change Model

A financial services company facing a volatile stock market and the customers were taking money out of investments. The money managed was actually decreasing which affected the income of the brokers and the health of the organization. PerformancePoint provided an engagement and change model. We helped the organization redefine what success looked like using a proprietary process and model. Once new expectations were created, we provided a coaching for change and engagement model for leaders using our FastChange Model. Within six months, 350% increase in calls to initiate new sales cycles, 130% increase in referrals, 150% increase in contacts with new prospects, 112% increase in number of initial prospect meetings, 56% increase in revenue from new accounts.

Sales Engagement

A pharmaceutical company was struggling with commoditization and increased competition. Sales were flat and they were being squeezed on profit. The sales people were unable to create value in the current relationships. They were making less money and the company was having attrition issues. PerformancePoint provided a sales engagement and change process in order to shift the behavior and approach of the sales people to a manner more appropriate for competing in this new environment. As a result, the number of contacts with customers increased by over 50%, profit increased by over 17%, and revenue per customer increased by over 30%.

Diversity & Inclusion

One of PerformancePoint’s largest telecommunications clients was acquired by another company. This acquisition resulted in the creation of a multibillion-dollar global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks. The new organization expressed a need for diversity-related consulting work to satisfy the requirements of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) conciliation agreement. The agreement required the organization to implement a full-scale diversity program and report its progress to the EEOC on a monthly basis for the next three years.

During the first year, PerformancePoint experts were instrumental in creating and training our client’s first Executive Diversity Council and in conducting diversity training for more than 670 of its employees. We also reviewed and revamped the organization’s human resources (HR) policies and practices. Since then, we have conducted additional projects related to its compensation and benefits policies and performance management review systems.

Equal Employment Opportunity Investigations

A client contracted with PerformancePoint to outsource all its Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) investigations and draft appropriate responses to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on behalf of the company. One of our investigations at one of the client’s warehouse facilities resulted in three discrimination charges being filed immediately afterwards, all relating to the same complaint against a specific supervisor. The case, which involved a hanging noose, received widespread local media attention and had the potential to cause great damage to our client’s reputation.

Following the filing of several supplemental responses and after satisfying multiple requests for additional documentation, the EEOC dismissed all three discrimination charges filed against the company, finding no probable cause and releasing the company from any liability.

HR Audits

A construction company hired PerformancePoint to develop a human resources (HR) organization that could function proactively while the company grew and also provide a structure for future growth. Our consultants worked with company management to develop appropriate policies and practices, assist in training staff and select an HR data management system. Our team continues to offer support on specific issues as they occur, such as exit management and compliance matters.

Another client, a large mid-western Indian tribe, engaged PerformancePoint to provide organizational and procedural assistance to the various entities and enterprises operated by the tribe. As a result of our review, the tribe made significant changes to its organizational and reporting structures, resulting in more effective operations, cost reductions and better staffing.

Proactive Employee Relationships

A manufacturing company was experiencing poor employee productivity, quality issues, significant waste, excessive absenteeism and a safety record that was the worst among industry peers. Additionally, union organizers were active in the community. PerformancePoint was engaged to help achieve a new corporate culture. We administered an employee opinion survey, developed recommendations from the employees’ feedback and implemented changes in some of the most critical problem areas.

Our team addressed structural issues by developing sound personnel policies that were understood and consistently applied. The most significant policy change was the adoption of an attendance policy based on an objective point system, which reduced absenteeism by 75 percent. We also implemented a new pay structure, which ensured jobs were paid fairly compared with one another and the labor market. Other changes established clear lines of promotion, providing more opportunities for employee growth. In addition, a group incentive plan was created that rewarded everyone whenever production, quality, waste and safety goals were achieved.

Management members had strong technical knowledge, but they lacked leadership ability and communications skills. We provided coaching and training that improved the performance of all but one key manager, who decided to leave the company. The supervisors and managers learned they were accountable for positive employee relations, not just production. Finally, the company enlisted our vital signs services where we periodically evaluate morale, provide coaching and suggest recommendations for improvement.

As a result, the company has achieved record levels of productivity and quality. Scrap rates are the lowest in its history, and the company has been free of accidents for 16 months.

Sexual Harassment Allegation Investigations

A small law firm needed a consultant to investigate allegations of sexual harassment involving one of its top partners and his legal assistant. The managing partner was anxious to have the investigation completed as soon as possible. He wanted not only to avoid a potential Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charge/lawsuit, but also to attempt to salvage the 35-year legal career of the accused as well as the career of his accuser.

​A PerformancePoint consultant conducted interviews with both individuals and drafted an investigative report summary and recommendations for the client. The client was so pleased with our work that the law firm also contracted with us to provide one-on-one executive coaching sessions for the alleged harasser to re-emphasize the firm’s zero-tolerance harassment policy. As a result, both individuals were able to maintain their working relationship at the firm.

Sexual Harassment Allegation Investigations

PerformancePoint was hired by a multinational high-technology government contractor to review Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) coverage and compensation issues. The work involved employees in several states, including California, plus international issues related to travel time and work shifting. It also involved compliance with federal contract provisions and Department of State requirements. We identified the risks and assisted the client in implementing preventive changes without incurring a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) investigation or lawsuit.

​Another client, a national restaurant chain, hired PerformancePoint to review FLSA coverage and compensation issues for unit management and drivers. The combination of changes in the law over time and some errors common to the industry had resulted in many restaurants becoming noncompliant with respect to those in management or assistant management positions. Our client was brought into compliance with no investigation or lawsuit.

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